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Colour Theory: How To Never Turn Customers Orange

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This video e-course is for the spray tan professional seeking clarity on how to select appropriate solution colors for their clients.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • You have a variety of different spray tan solutions that you stock, but don't feel 100% confident in choosing the right color for your client.
  • You feel nervous when a client leaves your tent and you hope that your color selection won't develop a brassy/orange tone.
  • You want to provide your clients with the most natural-looking tans possible, but don't feel that previous certification courses taught you exactly how.

What You Will Learn

Skin Undertones
You will learn the three undertones of the skin, how to determine a clients undertone, and what bronzer base complements each undertone best.

Skin Types
You will learn the six skin types based off the Fitzpatrick Scale, how to determine a clients skin type, and recommended DHA percentages.

Bronzer Bases
You will learn all facets of the color wheel, how bronzer dyes are formulated, along with how bronzer plays a role in spray tanning solutions.

DHA Percentages
You will learn the process of how dihydroxyacetone darkens the skin, how to easily correlate percentages to strengths, and how it works hand-in-hand with bronze
Duration: 20min. Once you have purchased this product, you will be able to download the video-file and watch the course. 
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Livraison gratuite en Suisse



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